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Meet the Hearing Aid Brothers

Edmond and Andre Ayvazyan are the Hearing Aid Brothers behind Hearing Aid Source. Although the brothers never planned on going in to business together, theirs has always been a family business.

It all began with Edmond’s love for technology and all things audio as a kid. Tinkering with concert and P.A. systems until his love for technology led to a career in information technology. It wasn’t until his grandmother brought him her hearing aid to repair that the idea for Hearing Aid Source first sparked. He realized he could combine his technical background with his passion for audio systems by starting a hearing aid business.  Read more…

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy! More importantly, we want you to hear the best you can. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your hearing aids, you can return them in their original condition within 90 days of the purchase date, and we will adjust, repair, exchange or give you your money back. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, scratches, breakage or theft. Visit our clinic for more details.

Three-Year Repair Warranty and Maintenance

Any electrical component that, because of workmanship, manufacturing or design defects fails to function properly under normal use during the life of this warranty will be replaced or repaired at no charge for parts or labour when returned to the point of purchase. If it is determined that repair is not feasible, the entire unit may be replaced with an equivalent or better unit upon mutual agreement between Hearing Aid Source and you.

Lifetime Cleaning

Enjoy unlimited in-house cleaning services for your hearing aids with our Best Value or Best Fit service plans. This feature includes checking and cleaning your hearing aids, minor repairs, adjustments, reinstruction and programming.

Three-Month Follow-Ups

Our body is always changing, growing, aging, shrinking and so on. So, too, are our ears and hearing. We provide regular follow-ups to ensure that you are hearing the best you possibly can with these changes.

Cleaning at Home

Proper maintenance of your hearing aids is essential to ensure their long life and optimal performance. Your hearing aid will come with batteries, wax guards and the cleaning tools necessary to keep your hearing aids in pristine operating condition.

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