Bernafon Acriva

Bernafon has released its latest model of hearing instruments called the Acriva.  The Bernafon Acriva is available in two technology levels; Acriva 9 and Acriva 7.  The starting price for the Acriva 9 Nano RITE is $3200 before ADP funding , while the Acriva 7 Nano Rite starts at $2300 before ADP funding.  Prices can increase based on various fit and style configurations as well as various wireless accessories.

Bernafon Acriva

Bernafon Acriva

Both versions of the Acriva are offered in 11 styles, including four behind-the-ear and seven in-the-ear styles.  This range features our newest invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) deep-fitting instrument offering a much sought after characteristic – invisibility. As it is placed entirely inside the ear canal, Acriva IIC maintains the natural pinna-effect.  Also, in the interest of providing patients hearing instrument durability, all of Bernafon’s BTE models are water and dust resistant with an IP57 rating.

Two brand new features, now included in the Bernafon Acriva, are Frequency Composition and Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus.  As well they have a new and interesting take on the fitting formula called Language Specific Targets.

Frequency Composition is a form of frequency lowering technology which is typically used for people who have a severe to profound hearing loss, as well for high-frequency hearing loss.  It offers potential for increased understanding of speech.

Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus is a fast noise reduction system, which is able to follow the rapid changes of the sounds around you.  This results in clear sounding speech despite the noise. The system can even reduce noise during pauses in speech so that important speech information is preserved. Ultimately, this helps you experience a new world of listening comfort.

Language Specific Targets is Bernafon’s latest version of fitting formula.  This formula allows your hearing aid to be customized and personalized to your own native language.  Previously, fitting formulas were based on the English language, which resulted in misunderstandings as the hearing aid was potentially turning certain sounds down when they should not have been.  This way, you get the most personalized fit and sound.

Bernafon claims to have a Live Music setting which allows the hearing aid to perform without distortion when in the presence of loud live music.  After listening to various selections of loud music, I did not detect any distortion from the hearing aids, and the music sounded rather true to life for both live and recorded music.

After personally listening to the Bernafon Acriva 9 Nano RITE’s with the new Soundgate 2 wireless streamer for blue-tooth devices, I can say these hearing instruments are of high quality, high fidelity and fit rather well in/on the ears.  The Soundgate 2 worked flawlessly with my Iphone 5 for telephone calls as well as streaming audio through the hearing aids, although the music played back through the Soundgate 2 did sound a little less bassy compared to what I normally like.

Overall, the Bernafon Acriva is a great choice for a hearing instrument.  To try a set of the Acriva’s, book an appointment for a complimentary hearing test and demo.




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