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These aren’t your grandma’s hearing aids!  Hearing aid technology is always evolving and has changed dramatically in recent years.  Here, Hearing Aid Source technology experts bring you regular updates about emerging technology and processes that can transform your life.

It’s important to partner with a hearing clinic that keeps abreast of the newest trends in the hearing industry.  Choose Hearing Aid Source as your technology leader.

Best-in-Class Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Source clinics, we offer the Best-In-Class hearing aids for all who have a hearing loss.  Because we are manufacturer […]

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Source is proud to offer several tinnitus treatment hearing aids.  There are many people suffering from tinnitus.  Some […]

Oticon Alta2

I must say, in general, I am rather impressed with how all manufacturers are pushing the limits of technology.  The […]

Oticon Nera2

Introducing the Oticon Nera2 and Nera2 Pro.  These full featured new hearing aids have got what it takes to compete […]

Hearing Aid Technology

Sourced from   Hearing Aid Technology Hearing aids today are programmable, meaning the amplification can be precisely fine-tuned and […]

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