Meet the Hearing Aid Brothers

Edmond and Andre Ayvazyan

Edmond and Andre Ayvazyan are the Hearing Aid Brothers behind Hearing Aid Source. Although the brothers never planned on going in to business together, theirs has always been a family business.

It all began with Edmond’s love for technology and all things audio as a kid, tinkering with concert and P.A. systems until his love for technology led to a career in information technology. It wasn’t until his grandmother brought him her hearing aid to repair that the idea for Hearing Aid Source first sparked. He realized he could combine his technical background with his passion for audio systems by starting a hearing aid business.

“It all began with Edmond’s love for technology and all things audio…”

After five years of specialization, he became a certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and Electronics Engineering Technologist. He learned the trade through apprenticeships and worked for several years before striking out on his own and founding Hearing Aid Source in 2006.

When Andre later joined in 2010, they became the Hearing Aid Brothers making Hearing Aid Source truly a family business. Edmond was thrilled and says still to this day that “nothing is more satisfying than sharing success with my brother”.

More importantly, the Hearing Aid Brothers have found a common goal. They understand how difficult hearing loss can be for many people. That’s why Edmond and Andre always stay up-to-date with the constant improvements to hearing aid technology. It’s also why they welcome unique challenges and urge patients with special ears or unusual hearing issues to come to them for custom solutions.

All this so they can reach the most gratifying part of the job: seeing the difference they make in their patients’ lives.

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