Who We Are

Meet the Hearing Aid Brothers

It all began with Edmond’s love for technology and all things audio…

We are a family oriented, independently owned hearing aid clinic with two locations based in the Toronto area. As you can see my brother Andre and I, work together. We like to call ourselves the Hearing Aid Brothers. Most people think we are twins, but we are aged a year apart. He and I started our careers in the hearing aid industry at different times, but I think our careers were decided upon by our paternal grandmother Mary, over 30 years ago. She asked us to become specialists to help fix her ears. I was lucky enough to be able to service her hearing aids before she passed away. She was very proud of me. I remember that day fondly.  Another memory of mine, was of my maternal grandfather and when he got his first set of hearing aids. His particular experience was very much a negative one, where his hearing aids caused nothing but irritation and headaches. Ultimately, his hearing aids were never really worn and ended up in his drawer. This particular memory forged my path in making sure that my own clients never have that same feeling of hopelessness and irritation.

My team and I take your hearing care very seriously, but we also want you to feel like you are not coming to a doctors office. We enjoy having our conversations over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, just like a social visit. Our work is to help you become more confident. More confident in having company over, going out for dinner, picking up the phone and having a conversation, watching TV, taking a promotion at work or simply listening to your favourite music. Our actions are defined by you. We will measure your hearing, ask several questions about your lifestyle and personalize a hearing system designed just for you.

What We Do

The Hearing Aid Brothers have found a common goal. They understand how difficult hearing loss can be for many people. That’s why Edmond and Andre always stay up-to-date with the constant improvements to hearing testing as well as with hearing aid technology.

It’s also why they welcome unique challenges and urge clients with special ears or unusual hearing issues to come to them for custom solutions.  We also love seeing clients who have hearing aids that are not working well.  We specialize in satisfying the previously unsatisfied client.  All this so they can reach the most gratifying part of the job: seeing the difference they make in their clients’ lives.