Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™

You asked for it.  We responded!  Hearing Aid Source now offers more choice for your hearing solution needs.
Our Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™ policy allows you to choose the hearing aid products, services, and prices that fit both your hearing loss needs and the limits of your budget.

Making a tough hearing aid purchasing decision, balancing both quality and price, is difficult.  You may wonder, “Will inexpensive hearing aids meet my individual hearing loss needs?  How much do I need to invest to get the best hearing solution for me?”  Hearing Aid Source offers you three clear choices to make things easier.

Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price Hearing aids

That’s Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™.  Together, we’ll discover the best hearing aids and flexible service plan that’s perfect for you.

Did you know our Best Price hearing solutions now start at a low price of $450* per aid?  That’s over 40% off! This price even includes a service plan for the life of the hearing aid – an exceptional value.  That’s cheaper than many online hearing aids that are sold without a service plan or critical in-person adjustments.   High quality products and services is all we offer.  Now, we offer them at a price everyone can afford.

Choice is good.  More choice is even better!

Just one more reason to trust Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing care needs.  Click here for more reasons…

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*Price based on purchase of two aids.  Includes ADP.  Includes Best Price Service Plan™