Best-in-Class Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Source clinics, we offer the Best-In-Class hearing aids for all who have a hearing loss.  Because we are manufacturer independent, this allows us to be in the best possible position to objectively evaluate, review and rank all major brands of hearing aids to create and update our Best-In-Class hearing aid lists.  To create this list, we’ve ranked hearing aids based on their digital features, sound quality, and overall value, to offer this unique, invaluable resource for our clients.

When you choose to purchase a hearing aid from us, you’ll do so with confidence, knowing all options have been considered.  You’ll be partnering with Hearing Aid Source, the industry leader in hearing care, for the highest quality fitting and follow-up services.

Hearing Aid Source clinic practitioners wear, listen with, and experience the available models.  Without having experienced practitioners using these products themselves, how can a specialist truly gauge what the experience will be like for clients?  It’s the best and only way to relate to the client experience and to be able to confidently recommend a selection of hearing aids that are the best in their class.

But we don’t stop there.  In keeping with our commitment to increased flexibility and choice, we offer Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™ solutions to all of our clients – a Best-In-Class hearing aid and a flexible service plan to meet all budgets.

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