Looking for the Best Hearing Clinic?

file-page1**Update:  August 2016:  Voted “Diamond” by our local community – the highest rating for local businesses.**
Sound entertains us, makes us laugh, informs us, brings us together, and makes us feel alive.  At Hearing Aid Source we believe everyone should be able to experience and Celebrate the Joy of Hearing, to whatever degree possible, at every stage of life.   That’s why we do what we do.  It’s what motivates us to do things better.  That’s why we’re the best hearing clinic in Toronto.  Read more about how we discovered our “why”

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If you live in Toronto or Scarborough and are looking for a quality hearing clinic, you can’t ask for better than Hearing Aid Source.  We’re proud to offer…

  • Best Client Satisfaction
  • Best Hearing Aid Selection
  • Best Value Hearing Aids
  • Best Lifetime Service Plans

Best Client Satisfaction

Did you know that the same hearing aids, from the same manufacturer, purchased for the same price, may provide completely different levels of satisfaction? Why is that the case?

When treating someone with hearing loss, the quality of clinical services, from testing to fitting and programming to follow-up, determine how satisfied clients will be with their hearing solution.

That’s why at Hearing Aid Source we aim to be the best hearing clinic – the industry leader in quality of service. See for yourself how our commitment to top quality products and services set us apart from all other hearing clinics and online solutions


Best Hearing Aid Selection

Choice is good. More choice is even better!

Did you know that an increasingly high number of hearing clinics are now owned by a single hearing aid manufacturer or their parent company? This is concerning for consumers. How can you be sure that a clinic, owned by a single manufacturer, is choosing the hearing aid that is best for you?

Unlike many of our competitors, Hearing Aid Source is committed to manufacturer independence. What does this mean for you?

We continually research and test the sound quality and features of new hearing aids as they are released to the market. This allows us to select only the “Best-In-Class” hearing aids for all types of hearing loss and all sizes of budgets, resulting in a better fit for your individual needs and preferences.

Best Value Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Source, we are your number one source for value. But what is “value”?  True value is a measure of where your hearing needs, your budget, and the quality of your hearing solution all meet.

Your specialist will use our H.A.S. Quote Worksheet™ tool to match your hearing needs and budget with multiple “Best-in-Class” hearing aid options, from entry-level to mid-range to more sophisticated solutions.

We give you a complete, transparent, unbundled breakdown of pricing for all quoted products and services along with an estimate of your level of satisfaction with each, based on your hearing loss data – your Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™ options

  • Our “Best Fit” hearing aids offer premium, full-featured products on the market today.
  • Our “Best Value” hearing aids represent mid-range technology at an affordable price.
  • Our “Best Price” hearing aids offer quality products at a price that can’t be beaten.

Best Lifetime Service Plans

A lifetime service plan is included with every hearing aid we sell, ensuring both your hearing and your hearing aid remain in top shape.

  • Our Best Fit Service Plan™ is our “FREE everything” plan. It provides everything you need to keep your hearing aids and ears in top shape.
  • Our Best Value Service Plan™ is our most popular option. It includes FREE adjustments, cleaning, and 50% off batteries.
  • Our Best Price Service Plan™ is our low price option. It includes two FREE cleanings of your hearing aids per year as well as two FREE adjustments.

Next Steps…… Wondering if you might have hearing loss?  Book a FREE comprehensive hearing test at one of our GTA hearing clinics. …Like to try before you buy?  We offer a FREE, no-obligation trial of quality hearing aids.  Hear what you’ve been missing. …Still worried about purchasing?  All our hearing aids come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and most have a 3-year manufacturer warranty. …Disappointed with your hearing aids you bought elsewhere?  Bring them to our hearing clinic and receive our Best Price Service Plan, absolutely FREE!… Looking for the best hearing clinic in Toronto?

Congratulations, you’ve found it!  We’re proud of what we do.  We know you will be proud to have Hearing Aid Source as your hearing partner for life.

Still not convinced?  Check out our Good News Stories – real-life heartwarming stories from our Toronto and Scarborough clinics.

Just a few more reasons to choose Hearing Aid Source as your hearing partner for life.  Call us at (416)463-4327 or contact us online.  We look forward to meeting you.