Brain Hearing For Better Hearing Aid Satisfaction

Oticon has been developing new hearing aids that use what they describe as Brain Hearing which improves hearing aid user satisfaction up to 96%.  This improvement is based on previous studies of user satisfaction from 79%, when ‘ear hearing’ methods were used.
How does Brain Hearing work?  The brain uses 4 unique identifiers uses to; Orient, Separate, Focus and Recognize.  Let’s delve into each to further understand what is happening.  Orient – The orientation of sound means to find where sound is coming from.  This needs to happen in all situations in order for the brain to understand where the sound that it wants to find, is.  Separate – The ability to separate sounds by the brain will result in isolating the sound that you want to hear despite the noise that surrounds us.  Focus – The ability to separate sounds in the brain allows us to focus on the sound we want to hear.  Which brings us to our final destination of Recognize.  The ability to recognize sounds needs to happen in order to make sense of it.

The Oticon Alta2 Nera2 and Ria2 hearing aids use these principal technologies in order for people to experience a greater level of comfort, comprehension and overall satisfaction in their hearing aids.

To experience hearing improvement and a demonstration of Brain Hearing technology, book an appointment with one of our hearing specialists by visiting us on our Contact Us page.

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Edmond Author