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Starkey Muse i2400 RIC Sale

Get a pair of Starkey Muse i2400 RIC hearing aids, including the new Z-Power Rechargeable Kit and a remote control […]

Best Fit, Best Value, Best Price™

You asked for it.  We responded!  Hearing Aid Source now offers more choice for your hearing solution needs. Our Best […]

Our New, Flexible Service Plans

At Hearing Aid Source, a choice of one of our new flexible service plans are included with your purchase and […]

Top Hearing Aids, Priced for Everyone

Hearing Aid Source has two locations, Toronto and Scarborough.  We sell top hearing aids and services at a price everyone can […]

Affordable Hearing Aids In Toronto

Hearing Aid Source now sells affordable hearing aids for $450* each!  As always, we only offer the highest quality hearing […]

Hearing Aid Quotes? How to Compare.

What are the best hearing aid products and services?  We have the answer.  Finally, a way to compare hearing aid […]

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