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Ear Wax Removal

Cerumen, commonly known as ear wax, occurs naturally in everyone’s ears, usually without problems.  However, if wax becomes impacted or […]

We ALL Have Hearing Loss

This sweeping statement may take some by surprise, but it’s true.  According to TheFreeDictionary.com, hearing loss is defined as “…any […]

Free Hearing Test (Toronto)

Hearing Aid Source Toronto clinics always offer FREE hearing tests.  But, what’s involved? Hearing loss affects everyone.  Most people experience […]

NOT Online Hearing Aids

Thinking of purchasing online hearing aids?  You’re not alone.  Relatively new American-based, online companies are now using a substantial portion […]

Dizziness, Vertigo & Ménière’s Disease

Dizziness and balance problems (vertigo), Ringing in your ears (tinnitus), Fluctuating hearing loss…. What is Ménière’s disease? Symptoms of early […]

Common Hearing Loss Myths

Addressing health concerns can be intimidating or overwhelming.  Why are you struggling?  What is the treatment and how will it […]

Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries

The Hearing Aid Source currently stocks alkaline rather than mercury free batteries and offers a battery recycling program in our […]

Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid prices seem to be a popular topic of discussion these days.  Our price for a hearing aid can vary from $450.00 to […]

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