Changes In Life – Our Happy Story As Heard On Zoomer Radio AM740

I think it is safe to say that we all know that change is inevitable.  With change comes moments of joy, moments of sadness and moments of hardships and there are many more moments that we can mention.

If we know and understand that change is a constant in life, we have a choice on how we take on these changes and how we react to them.

In the case of changes with respect to our hearing, many people choose to delay getting treatment.  Reasons as to why range from telling themselves that it isn’t that bad, or I don’t want people to know I wear hearing aids are some of the reasons.  The interesting thing about this way of thinking is that these are how individual sees themselves rather than how the world sees them.  Choosing to delay treatment rather than get treatment causes many hardships like isolation, anxiety, depression, to name just a few.

Many of the people we meet for the first time, get their first-ever hearing assessment, find out that they have a hearing loss. Naturally, they feel all the normal feelings that come with that, but most of them are curious as to what they can do about it.  We offer people several options to consider and try without pushing them.  We see ourselves as your guide to better hearing.

This brings me to my happy story for today.  We recently met a gentleman by the name of Patrick.  Patrick just found out that he has a high-frequency hearing loss where the clarity of speech and other high pitch sounds were not being heard well or not at all.  We offered Patrick an opportunity to trial a set of hearing aids so that he had some experience with hearing aids so that he could make a more informed decision as to what type of hearing aid might be best for his lifestyle.

After a week of use with these trial hearing aids, he came back and he was just thrilled with how well he heard in all the situations he found himself in.  It turns out that Patrick is an avid bird photographer and he told me that he now can hear all the smaller birds that he wasn’t hearing before.  Because of this, he was able to photograph these birds because he can now hear them and localize them.

We love it when we can support our clients’ activities by helping them hear their best.

For help to hear your best, feel free to contact us.