Creating and Recalling Memories

Creating and recalling memories is one of the greatest things our brains can do.  It catalogs our lives in a meaningful way where we can recall people, places, and events in our lives.

I’ve been thinking about this question of if one of our senses are not working well, are we able to create these memories the same way?

One of my favorite memories of the holidays is when my entire family gets together, and while it is entirely chaotic when the kids are opening their gifts, I love the look on my parents and siblings faces and the ooh’s and ahh’s when the kids are showing off their presents.

Perhaps this is too big a question for today, so let me ask another question that I have been thinking about.  What are the reasons someone would choose to delay getting help for a known hearing loss?

Here are some of the reasons that I have been told when telling people that they have a hearing loss.

1 – I don’t think my hearing is that bad.  The expression of “You don’t know what you don’t know” keeps coming to mind when people say this to me.

2 – I don’t want a hearing aid because it will make me look old.  This is an interesting one that really needs to be looked at from both sides – the individual with hearing loss believes that a device in their ears is what makes them look old. When they do nothing, the world sees them as being deficient somehow when they don’t respond appropriately during conversations.

3 – Some people believe that if they were to start using hearing aids their ears will become dependent and ultimately make their hearing worse.  This is entirely a myth.  Unless you figure out how to stop aging at that moment, your ears and body will continue to age normally regardless of what you do.

4 – The price of hearing aids is too much.  Now I cannot disagree with this, hearing aids do cost a fair bit of money, people need to understand that we do our best to match our clients to hearing aids that they can afford and serve them well for several years.  The last thing we want to happen is for you to forgo making memories doing the thing you love.

If you or anyone you know is not hearing their best with or without hearing aids, today is a great day to take action.