Good News Stories, April 2016

Spring is in the air and we hope our April “Good News Stories” put a spring in your step!  At Hearing Aid Source, our favourite thing is making clients happy.  Our second favourite thing is telling you about it!  Together, let’s Celebrate the Joy of Hearing!
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Miranda* is a long time client of our clinic.  With a “severe to profound” hearing loss, even the best hearing aids over the years have sometimes left her wishing for more.  Today she came into our office to try out a new set of hearing aids that had us excited.  They could be real game changers.

As usual, Edmond asked her what kind of music she liked.  He regularly asks clients what they like to watch or listen to, so that he can look it up online and they can test drive what music and TV will sound like with new hearing aids.  From the reception desk, I heard Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” coming down the hallway.  Suddenly, Edmond called to me.  “Kristin, come and see this!”

Good News Stories, April 2016

I went down the hall and was stunned to find Edmond grinning and Miranda in floods of tears.  She allayed my concerns right away as she said, “It’s beautiful.  It’s beautiful.  It’s so perfect.  It sounds like it used to sound, when I was young.”

Even I got a lump in my throat, seeing Miranda so moved by the music of her youth, that had been lost to her for so many decades.

Back at my desk, I heard the sound of clapping from down the hall.  “Woohoo!” she cried.

We are so lucky to have had the privilege to know and work with Miranda since 2007, having seen her through more than one pair of hearing aids.  Our hearing aid services and the fact that we actually order and wear the hearing aids we recommend, help us to identify the best-in-class for all types of hearing loss.

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Over the years, Hearing Aid Source has been privileged to provide help people in need from time to time.  Most recently, we had the pleasure of meeting 60-year-old Krikor*.

We were honoured to be among the first to welcome Krikor to Canada.  Krikor has just arrived in Canada as a Syrian refugee.  Krikor’s story took our breath away.

Having lived in fear for years on end, Krikor recounted his escape from sniper fire one day by having leaped from his second floor balcony, breaking both of his legs as he landed in the street below.  Krikor crawled into hiding for many hours until nightfall, at which time his family was able to throw him a rope from the building entrance and drag him back inside.  With conditions like these, Krikor and his family understandably fled Syria in hopes of a new and better life.

PAID Syrian Krikor

Now in Canada, Krikor, a wood-worker by trade, has begun a job at a wood-working plant.  Can you imagine starting a new job in a new country at sixty years old?  Krikor is so grateful for the opportunity.  However, he admits to struggling with communication; not only because he is just learning to speak English, but because he also suffers from hearing loss.  As the only one in his family who has been able to obtain work, so far, he worries about the risk to his new-found employment.  Krikor’s family is relying on him to pay the rent and keep them afloat as they find their way in a new country.

We were so pleased to be able to fit Krikor with a pair of hearing aids, at no cost to him, and he is thrilled to have the ability tackle his hearing challenges so he can have greater success mastering a new language and building a new life.

Krikor is a great reminder to us of how fortunate we are and we are so grateful for the opportunity to meet people like Krikor and to be able to offer something in support of his hard work and courage.

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Just a few more reasons to choose Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing care needs.  Call us at (416)463-4327 or contact us online.  Come Celebrate the Joy of Hearing with us.

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*Client names changed