Good News Stories, July 2016

Welcome to our July 2016 edition of “Good News Stories” from Hearing Aid Source.  Many of our clients are out and about, planning activities with their kids and grandkids who are out of school for the summer.  The sights, sounds, and smells of summer and GTA festival season begins.
Here at the clinic we’re keeping busy evaluating groudbreaking hearing aid products like the much touted Oticon’s one of their best products Oticon Opn.  Our unbelievable Widex Unique Promo pricing continues to “shock the market”- bringing many new clients in from the GTA and well beyond.  Plus, we’ve introduced a new speech-in-noise test we call SIN-GAP™ that will extend our traditional hearing test and will ensure our clients are the best served in the GTA.

Our 50/50+ Thank You Promo is in full swing.  Thanks to all who continue to refer friends and family members.  Of course, not everyone will win the $500,000, but everyone can certainly win better hearing.

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“I’ve had two pairs of hearing aids.  From the big guys down the street!  And I hated them.  I never wore them.  Never.  Everything was too loud, but nothing was clear.  In fact, I’d rather hear nothing than live with the screeching, jarring noise my old hearing aids make.  What’s the point of having hearing aids, as loud as can be, if I still have to ask everyone to repeat themselves?”

Good News Stories, July 2016

Helen’s* complaint is not a new one.  We meet far too many people who have had experiences with hearing aids in the past that have left them frustrated and disappointed.  As we’ve often said, you can buy the exact same hearing aid at a different clinic, and have a far different level of satisfaction depending on how skilled the specialist is at programming your hearing aids specifically for your needs.  We feel lucky any time someone like Helen gives hearing aids a second chance, and we aim to overcome the unfortunate experiences they’ve had in the past.

“I’ve been back to the other place over and over.  They keep changing the sound but nothing gets better.  My friend Lily told me about you guys.  You know Lily?  She’s a sweetheart.  She tells everyone in the building about how good you guys are.  So I figured I’d give it one more try.”

We spent some time getting to know Helen before performing a thorough hearing test to ensure we had a complete picture of her particular hearing loss and the challenges she struggles with daily.

One neat feature of modern hearing aids, is that they record a client’s usage.  Were we ever surprised when we saw Helen for a follow up appointment two weeks after fitting her with her new hearing aids.

“Helen, the software says you are wearing your hearing aids as many as 18 hours a day!”

“Well I love them.  I just love them.  I can hear everything and I’ve been telling everyone in my building.”

What a dramatic change.  From never wearing her hearing aids, Helen is now wearing hers an average of 17 hours a day.  We love success stories like these and we thank our happy clients for telling their friends, so they can enjoy hearing well again.

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discouraged man with hearing loss

A few weeks ago, I received a frantic phone call from Ralph*. Ralph had lost his hearing aids and was desperate to have them replaced.  I scheduled Ralph in to come and see Edmond, our resident hearing instrument specialist at our Coxwell/Danforth location, to discuss his options.

When he visited the office for his appointment, as I attempted to connect with him, he seemed to be really down in the dumps and distant.  It wasn’t just that he couldn’t hear my words clearly.  There was something more.  He was a man who had clearly lost a large degree of his confidence.

Many of us without hearing loss take for granted the everyday sounds around us.  When we suffer hearing loss our perception of the world around us changes.  So, too, do others.  Ralph had experienced a somewhat harsh reminder of the importance of hearing in his everyday life.

I had never met Ralph in person and, not being one to assume the loss of the hearing aids were the only cause of his distress, I decided to reserve judgment.  However, a few days later he was back in the office to be fitted with his replacement.

Now, when Ralph came out of his appointment he was a changed man.  I asked how his weekend was and this time he lit right up.  He told me all about the new bike he had purchased, his plans to see his grandchildren and all of the exciting things he had planned for the summer. It was clear to me then that this hearing aid not only provided Ralph with the ability to hear more clearly but it also has made a huge impact on his confidence and the way he perceives things when his hearing is at its best and he is able to communicate and ultimately feel like the best version of himself.

Can we be so bold as to say that hearing aids make you younger?  Ralph would concur.  If you have hearing loss, come visit Hearing Aid Source for a free hearing aid trial.  We’ll let you decide for yourself.

happy man with hearing loss

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Just a couple more reasons to trust Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing-related needs. Call us at (416) 463-4327 or visit one of our Toronto area clinics.  We’ll be happy to meet you.


*Client names changed