Good News Stories, June 2016

Summer is in the air as we publish our June edition of “Good News Stories”.   Birdsong, music and laughter are on order this month and we’re thrilled to have a hand in helping you to hear it all as naturally and beautifully as can be!  Join us as we relive the excitement of partnering with young and old to celebrate the joy of hearing!
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Avo* is a young guy.  21 years old.  New to Canada, Avo was born with hearing loss and hails from a country where hearing technology is not readily available and, what can be had, is expensive and not ideal.

Hearing loss is isolating for anybody.  But when it happens to a young person, it’s particularly heartbreaking.  While older adults would never pick on each other for having hearing loss, kids aren’t always so kind to one who is “different”.

Good News Stories, June 2016

Before coming to Canada, Avo’s mom saved up every penny she could to purchase a single hearing aid for him, although he really needed a pair.  She was assured she was getting a reliable, name brand hearing aid – a brand that we sell even here, in our clinic.  However, Avo had more whistling and feedback than amplification, and the hearing aid was of little to no help to him.

Discouraged, Avo and his family hadn’t given up hope.  Settling into life in Canada, Avo’s family heard about our clinic and booked an appointment.

We were excited to see what we could do for Avo, when we met with him and his mother recently.  We weren’t the only ones excited.  Avo’s sisters came too.  All of us were hopeful that we could make a difference in Avo’s life.

We took a look at the hearing aid Avo brought with him – the one that had cost his mother everything she had.  It was not a name brand hearing aid.  In fact, it may not have even been a proper hearing aid.  However, we were able to make it possible for Avo to be fitted with a proper name brand – and not just one, but a pair of them with a bluetooth streamer.  Avo is in heaven!

Not only can Avo hear well for the first time in his life, as a young man with a typical young man’s passion for music, he can now stream music through his hearing aids.  He is enjoying music like he has never enjoyed it before!

We consider ourselves a pretty seasoned bunch at Hearing Aid Source, but Avo and his family were not the only ones with tears of joy in their eyes when he left our Parkway Mall clinic on Thursday.

We are so honoured to be a part of making miracles happen for people.   That’s why we’re a proud supporter of SickKids Cochlear Implant program.  We all expect to face hearing loss as we grow older but when a child can’t hear, where do the memories of birdsong and laughter come from, to comfort them when it’s their turn to grow old?  We are so thankful for our clients, whose investment in their own hearing is a gift to children who have the same struggles.

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“She got her hearing aids first.”

“I always lead the way.”

“She’s just pushy, that’s all!”

Annie* and Bess* laugh together in our office.  Two sisters, 91-years old and 87-years old respectively, but you’d never know it.

Good News Stories, June 2016

“We’ve always had a good sense of humour.  Our whole family.”

“We love people, right Bess?”

“I think that’s what keeps us young.”

“It might keep me young, but you’re going down the tubes!”

“Oh you shut up.  She’s the youngest and you know, they’re always the spoiled brats!”

Like a comedy duo, these sisters are both sharp as tacks.  We love having them in the office for what is more of a visit than a regular appointment.  They’re always happy to share gardening tips, recipes, and family stories.

“I got my hearing aid first and then I told her to come.”

“She’s bossy.”

“I got fed up with shouting at you!”

“Oh nonsense.  You love the sound of your own voice!”

It’s such a treat to spend our days with people so full of life and brimming with joy.

“We always have a good time here!”

“It’s not like going to the doctor’s office.”

We have been honoured to know and serve Annie and Bess since 2008, and they’ve kept us in stitches ever since.  They’ve brought us tales of pride about their grandkids, tomatoes from their garden, and countless episodes of laughter.

“Have a great day ladies.”

“Watch your step Annie.”

“Oh knock it off Bess!”

We look forward to sharing a laugh and a smile with you at Hearing Aid Source.

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*Client names changed