Good News Stories, March 2016

Welcome to the March 2016 edition of “Good News Stories” from Hearing Aid Source.  It’s a pleasure to share with our clients, present and future, what makes the world go round here at Hearing Aid Source – celebrating the joy of hearing!  We count ourselves lucky that we get to help so many amazing people every day.
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“You guys are amazing!”

Adam*, an active, vital sixty year old, with a spring in his step that belies his age, has just been fitted with his own hearing aids after first enjoying a FREE trial pair, to assess whether they would help him at home and at work.

“You know, there was nothing worse than feeling so isolated at work.  People thought I was stand-offish, aloof and disinterested.  But, really, I just couldn’t hear what they were saying, so I’d hang back and not participate in conversation.  Now that I can speak more confidently, they’re getting to know the REAL Adam!”  (Within a few months of wearing his hearing aids, Adam got promoted at work!!!)

Hearing Aid Source Free Demo

We are so excited for Adam.  It’s exciting to contribute to the happiness of a fella that is enthusiastic, active, and clearly loving life.

And better hearing improves relationships too.  If you can’t hear your spouse, are they thinking that you are disinterested in what they have to say?  So many spouses complain that their partner doesn’t listen to them.  But it’s not always the listening that is missing – it’s the hearing.

“I cuddle up with my wife at home and she’s so happy that I can hear better.  It has changed my life so much for the better.  You guys are the best.  I feel like we’re a team.”

That will keep us smiling for the rest of the week!  We love to be on your team, helping you improve the quality of your life.

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“Edmond is a gem, you know that?  A real gentleman.”  Leonard* came out of the office beaming.

Leonard, a former client, had moved about 30 minutes out of the neighbourhood and, last year, purchased a new hearing aid at a clinic closer to home.  After repeated appointments with his local practitioner, Leonard walked into our office, without an appointment, desperate.

“I know I don’t have an appointment, but I have to be a witness in court this afternoon and I can’t hear anything.  The last time I went to court I really struggled.  It was embarrassing.  I’m still a pretty young guy, you know?  I could tell it was frustrating for other people – not just for me.”

Due to a cancellation, we were able to fit Leonard in.  It turned out that his hearing aid was programmed in a way that was amplifying background and distant noises, but leaving him struggling with face-to-face conversation.

Hearing Aid Source Toronto

“Honestly, I only wear the thing when I watch TV.  That’s it.   I love my movies but, even with my hearing aid, I have to turn them up so loud, otherwise I can’t hear what anybody is saying.  It’s been driving my family nuts.  And music?  I haven’t enjoyed music in such a long time.  It just doesn’t sound right.  It’s almost like the hearing aid is shutting down when I listen to music.”

Edmond took the time to perform a vital in-the-ear measurement, which had never been done at Leonard’s neighbourhood clinic.  With those results, Edmond completely overhauled Leonard’s hearing aid settings, even giving him a special program to use just for music.  They gave the new settings a test drive, listening to music together and going outside to see how they performed with the background noise of traffic at our busy intersection.  “Man, I can’t believe the difference!  Things sound like you expect them to sound, you know?  And he even showed me how to use my hearing aid.  Can you believe it?  I didn’t even know how to use it.  Nobody showed me how it worked before.”

At Hearing Aid Source, we make every effort to drive home the message that being an industry leader, employing best practices like in-the-ear measurements, makes a huge difference in the results you will get from your hearing aid.

“Edmond changed my life, as of today.”

We are excited to partner with Leonard and with you, regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids.  You’ll automatically qualify for our Best Price Service Plan™, as our gift to you, which entitles you to FREE cleaning and adjustments.

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Just a couple more reasons to trust Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing-related needs.  Call us at (416) 463-4327 or visit one of our Toronto area clinics.  We’ll be happy to meet you.