Hearing Aid Repairs

Uh oh!  Has your hearing aid stopped working?  At Toronto’s Hearing Aid Source, we perform hearing aid repair on all makes and models of hearing aids, whether you’ve purchased them from us or not.  More often than not, hearing aid repair can be done in the office, in less than 30 minutes.

Hearing Aid Repairs

A thorough cleaning and diagnostic check of your hearing aids usually resolves most hearing aid issues. Hearing Aid Source stocks parts for most makes and models of hearing aids and, where a part is not in stock, we can obtain parts usually within a day.

If a hearing aid repair is beyond the point that it can be resolved within the clinic, Hearing Aid Source will happily ship your hearing aid to the manufacturer, FREE of charge, for a FREE warranty repair.  If your hearing aid warranty has expired, we will obtain a repair estimate from the manufacturer and ensure that a new warranty is placed on your repaired hearing aid.

While most hearing aid clinics are able to clean your hearing aids and replace simple external parts, the majority of clinics need to send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for more complex types of repair.  Not so with Hearing Aid Source.

Clinic owner, Edmond Ayvazyan, is not only a Hearing Instrument Specialist but an Electrical Engineering Technologist as well.  Edmond is one of select few Level 3 Hearing Aid Repair Technicians in Canada.  Our expertise means that you are more likely to have your hearing aid repaired, while you wait, at Hearing Aid Source.  This can spare you a week or more of waiting to have it shipped to and repaired by the manufacturer.

At Hearing Aid Source, we take pride in our ability to satisfy customers who require Hearing Aid Repair and look forward to helping you.

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