Free Hearing Aid Trial: Try Before You Buy

We are very excited to offer you a FREE hearing aid trial, courtesy of Unitron Hearing.  This revolutionary system is called Unitron Flex:Trial.  Unitron Flex:Trial hearing aids are offered in behind-the-ear models, in various styles, which our hearing aid experts can fully set up and adjust for your hearing loss after performing a FREE hearing test.Free Hearing Aid Trial: Try Before You Buy

While demonstrating hearing aids during a clinic visit is not new, Hearing Aid Source can now offer you hearing aids to take home with you for a FREE hearing aid trial, at your very first appointment.  Unitron Flex:Trial hearing aids can be programmed to any technology level, from basic amplification, to the most sophisticated hearing aid features on the market, for a length of time chosen by you.

Free Hearing Aid Trial: Try Before You BuyFree Hearing Aid Trial: Try Before You Buy

Now, you are able to try out a high quality hearing aid, right away, and evaluate it while in your own life, outside of the clinic.

Try it – A Hearing Aid Source specialist can fit you with a FREE hearing aid trial at your first visit.  There is no hidden fee or obligation.

Wear it – Wear the hearing aids home to try out in your everyday life – at work, home, and play.

Love it – At the end of the trial period, decide how you feel about the benefits of wearing hearing aids.   If they aren’t for you, simply bring them back owing nothing. If you love them, your hearing healthcare professional can give you a quote for a quality hearing aid solution, based on your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Just another reason to trust Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing care needs.  Click here for more reasons…

Appointments and  Unitron Flex:Trial instruments are limited, so call early to ensure you get your FREE, no obligation trial. Call 416-463-4327 or Contact Us to book an appointment for a FREE hearing test and demonstration of this amazing technology today!

Note: Before considering any hearing aid get in touch with us, and provide some information to have an opportunity to get advice from specialists.