• We carry over 100 hearing aid brands and models

    Together we’ll suggest what hearing aid works best for your lifestyle.

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We carry a wide range of hearing aid systems and accessories. Contact us for more information and prices.

  • Otion Intigai

    Designed to be unnoticeable to everyone else, and unnoticeable to you, too. A smooth transition to better hearing, with premium sound quality in a tiny package.

  • Hearing Aid Accessories

    ConnectLine is the ideal complement to Oticon hearing aids, empowering you to participate more actively in practically all situations.

  • ReSound Verso

    Soon we will carry this little genious device that delivers rich and full sound for a more natural hearing experience.

  • Siemens Hearing Aids

    Flexible, robust, and always reliable, it truly lets wearers live actively and spontaneously without limits.

Last year we custom fit 2,708 hearing aids for people like you!

  • Heather

    Edmond and the Hearing Aid Source staff were able to find me an invisible hearing aid that was custom fit for me. I can actually hear now!

  • Francis

    I can get my hearing checked, be fitted with the RIGHT hearing aid, have my hearing aid cleaned—all in one place. It’s great!

  • John

    I hated hearing aids, but after visiting Hearing Aid Source, I’m a believer again. And it’s invisible.

  • Susan

    I have hearing loss, but with a hearing aid specific to me I feel like I’m alive again. Hearing aids should be comfortable and invisible, these ones are.

Call 416-463-4327 for the perfect hearing aid

We find the best hearing aids

From free hearing tests to repair and from ear wax removal to maintenance, we’re here to take care of all your hearing needs and questions.

Hearing Aid Source can find you futuristic technology, no time machine required! We supply hearing aids that pack superb hearing quality in itty bitty devices … all invisible to the naked eye.

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