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Tailored Hearing Solutions with the Latest Technology

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Hearing Explained

Hearing aids today are programmable, meaning the amplification can be precisely fine-tuned and the special features can be adjusted for each wearer. The hearing health professional uses special hearing aid software on a computer to fit hearing aids according to an individual’s hearing loss and listening preferences.

A range of digital technology and a whole host of features are available in each hearing aid style. Hearing aids can be broadly divided into basic and advanced groups, based on the sophistication of features available in the processor. Even today’s basic digital hearing aids offer way more benefits to individuals with hearing loss than the best hearing aids of previous generations.

Types of Hearing Loss

The Hearing Aid Brothers have found a common goal. They understand how difficult hearing loss can be for many people. That’s why Edmond and Andre always stay up-to-date with the constant improvements to hearing aid technology, that is designed to address different types of hearing loss.

It’s also why they welcome unique challenges and urge patients with special ears or unusual hearing issues to come to them for custom solutions.

All this so they can reach the most gratifying part of the job: seeing the difference they make in their patients’ lives.

Hearing Aid Solutions for your Hearing Health

Basic hearing aid technology

Basic digital hearing aids generally require the wearer to make some manual adjustments in certain listening situations—such as turning a volume control up or down, or pushing a button on the aids in order to reduce noise coming from behind the wearer. The processor may separate incoming signals into two or more channels and process each channel separately. For example, a basic two-channel instrument may be programmed to give more amplification for high-frequency sounds than it gives for low-frequency sounds, in order to accommodate an individual’s hearing loss. Although programmable by computer, basic hearing aids generally have limited adjustments available for fine-tuning to fit unusual patterns of hearing loss. They are also less customizable and automated than hearing aids with advanced technology.

Advanced hearing aid technology

In addition to basic hearing aid technology, each major hearing aid manufacturer offers several levels of advanced digital technology. As the level of technology increases, hearing instruments become more automatic and are equipped with more features to help individuals better communicate in difficult listening situations. For example, instead of utilizing two channels to separate sound for processing, a hearing aid with advanced technology may have eight or more channels. This splits the signal into even smaller frequency bands and therefore offers a higher resolution of signal processing.

Why Choose Us

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
We want you to be happy! More importantly, we want you to hear the best you can. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your hearing aids, you can return them in their original condition within 60 days of the purchase date, and we will adjust, repair, exchange or give you your money back. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, scratches, breakage, or theft. Visit our clinic for more details.

Three-Year Repair Warranty and Maintenance
Any electrical component that, because of workmanship, manufacturing, or design defects fails to function properly under normal use during the life of this warranty will be replaced or repaired at no charge for parts or labour when returned to the point of purchase. If it is determined that repair is not feasible, the entire unit may be replaced with an equivalent or better unit upon mutual agreement between Hearing Aid Source and you.

Lifetime Cleaning
Enjoy unlimited in-house cleaning services for your hearing aids with our Best Value or Best Fit service plans. This feature includes checking and cleaning your hearing aids, minor repairs, adjustments, reinstruction, and programming.

Regular Follow-Ups
Our body is always changing, growing, aging, shrinking, and so on. So, too, are our ears and hearing. We provide regular follow-ups to ensure that you are hearing the best you possibly can with these changes.

Cleaning at Home
Proper maintenance of your hearing aids is essential to ensure their long life and optimal performance. Your hearing aid will come with batteries, wax guards, and the cleaning tools necessary to keep your hearing aids in pristine operating condition.

Consulting and Information Sessions

  • We assess
  • We identify and recommend
  • We provide solutions

Hearing loss is a natural part of life. In fact, one out of six people has some degree of hearing loss. Just as wearing glasses can benefit people with sight loss, most people don’t know how their lives can improve immensely by correcting even a slight hearing loss. Today’s hearing aids are leaps and bounds better than your grandfather’s hearing aid of two generations ago. Our hearing aids are tinier and discreet, yet extremely powerful in technology. With over a hundred hearing aid models and kinds to choose from, it’s best to come into the store nearest you, speak with one of our amazing hearing specialists, and get a hearing solution recommendation that is best suited to your particular issue and lifestyle.