Common Hearing Loss Myths

Addressing health concerns can be intimidating or overwhelming.  Why are you struggling?  What is the treatment and how will it interfere with your life?  Can things improve?  Will they get worse?  Facing hearing loss can be scary, yet ignoring it doesn’t solve the problem.  If your hearing has changed, and you’re struggling with hearing loss, the only way to get answers is to see a professional.  A great place to start is to contact Hearing Aid Source to book a Free Hearing Test at one of our Toronto hearing clinics.

Common Hearing Loss Myths

You may have many hearing-related questions, and we’d be happy to address them in person with you.  You may have heard one of a number of hearing loss myths.  Below, we debunk some of these common misconceptions…

I would know if I had a serious hearing problem.

You might.  But you might not.  Since hearing changes gradually, over time, our brain adapts to these slight changes.   Yet, if your hearing today were compared to your hearing even as little as five years ago, you may be surprised.  Only a hearing test can accurately determine whether you are, indeed, suffering from a hearing loss and, if so, identify whether hearing aids could be of help.  We would be pleased to offer you a Free Hearing Test in one of our Toronto clinics.

I get an annual check up at my family doctor.  If I had a hearing loss, they would tell me.

A study published in March 2011¹ revealed that up to 86% of family doctors don’t address hearing loss as a part of your annual physical due to a variety of reasons.  It may not a top priority for your family doctor.

Loss of hearing won’t kill you and it doesn’t cause physical pain.  But hearing loss has been strongly linked to isolation and depression.  Being able to hear has also been associated with slowing down the onset and progress of dementia.  Further, not being able to hear your loved ones or your boss and colleagues may be misinterpreted as a lack of interest or ability.  Hearing loss may not be deadly, but it’s negative impact on quality of life is substantial.

Only old people suffer from hearing loss.

Not so.  While it’s true that hearing loss is one of many age related issues, studies estimate that roughly 15% of people aged 20 – 69 years old suffer from high-frequency hearing loss. That’s over five million Canadians; vibrant, active, and in the prime of their lives.  Hearing Aid Source treats people of all ages in our Toronto clinics and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns about potential hearing loss.

I only have a little bit of hearing loss.  So, loud sounds aren’t quite as loud.  It’s no big deal. 

Hearing loss is more than just “loudness”.  Hearing loss effects varying frequencies of sound, meaning you may be missing out completely on certain parts of sound or speech.

Hearing loss may also be sensorineural.  This means that sounds and speech are distorted or warped.

Common Hearing Loss Myths

In some cases, hearing loss also effects your mental focus and even your balance.

While you may think that your hearing loss is insignificant, and has little impact on your life, it never hurts to have a Free Hearing Test at one of our Toronto clinics.  We’d be happy to help arm you with the facts about your personal hearing.

I don’t think my hearing loss can be helped.

You don’t think so, but how can you know?  There are many solutions to hearing loss, and we’d be happy to review them with you at one of our Toronto clinics.  Often, the solution is as easy as removing wax from your ears.  Where hearing aids are recommended, we offer solutions to meet every budget, and we are rated number one in Toronto for compliance to best practices that result in customer satisfaction.  A Free Hearing Test can determine what solutions are available to address your hearing loss.

Hearing aids are a nuisance and will make me look old.

Good news!  Hearing aids are now very nearly impossible to detect, in most cases.  The cost for hearing aids is not any higher for a discreet, small solution versus a larger, more powerful hearing aid of the same model.  Technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds every year.  The hearing aid that was frustrating for your grandma is a thing of the past.  Let us show you what’s new at one of our Toronto clinics.  In fact, we’d be happy to let you take some hearing aids home to try for a week, to experience them for yourself.  Call to ask about our Free Hearing Aid Demo.

I can’t afford hearing aids.  They’re too expensive.

Hearing aids are like many other electronics.  They come in varying levels of technology and power, with multiple optional features – and they also come in widely varying prices.  Entry level hearing aids start as low as $800.00 per hearing aid.  Our Toronto clinics are also well versed in coverage solutions via Veterans Affairs, Workman’s Compensation (WSIB), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and the City of Toronto’s Ontario Works coverage for Medically Based Items.  Before you decide you can’t afford hearing aids, please feel free to book a Free appointment with us to get the facts about what a hearing aid solution may cost.

We look forward to meeting you.

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 ¹Study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information

²Study conducted by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)