Tailored Hearing Solutions with the Latest Technology at Our Hearing Aid Clinic in Toronto

From free hearing tests to custom hearing solutions to repairs and maintenance, at our hearing aid clinic in Toronto, we’re here to help with all of your hearing needs and questions.
Watch the video to hear Matt’s hearing aid story.

I Cannot Understand Why I Didn’t Try This Sooner.

“I was very reluctant about getting a hearing aid, but was convinced to try one, as the Hearing Aid Source provided me with a 90 day trial. I was tested and custom fit with a hearing aid, calibrated specifically to my hearing levels. After being near-deaf in my right ear for about five years, I cannot understand why I didn’t try this sooner. It has only been just over a week, and I cannot imagine going back to not wearing my hearing aid. Edmond explained everything to me in layman’s terms and was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend a visit if you are hearing impaired. It’s a cost-free risk which may open up a world of difference.”

Lance M., Toronto

First Person Who Has Given Me Some Hope!

“I had a great visit here with Edmond. He listens, cares and works to solve the problems. My tinnitus has really been bothering me lately and Edmond is the first person who has given me some hope!”

David F., Toronto

You Won’t Be Disappointed.

“Edmond is the best hearing aid specialist who I have been a client with for about a decade! He responses to all my questions in a snap. He knows exactly which hearing aids I need and I am extremely happy with the result. I would recommended you to visit with him and let him show you how much better you can hear. You won’t be disappointed.”

Steven E., Toronto

Being Serviced By Edmond Has Truly Been A Blessing!

“I was most fortunate to locate Edmond to cater to my specific, demanding and complex needs. Edmond provides me with constant exceptional customer service and care, but more importantly Edmond is a master of his trade and his skills are exemplary so much so that I am willing to commute 50 kilometres each way to see him and it is certainly worth it. Edmond has treated me with the utmost professionalism, respect, patience and dignity at every visit and his solutions to my problems have been spot on. My experience and results have been extremely positive. Edmond has been very thorough in helping me adjust in every aspect, he is also passionate and very professional in his work which makes me feel very comfortable and at ease with him but more importantly I trust him. I have been fitted prior by other HIS and have always struggled, but with Edmond, he knew exactly what he was doing from his recommendations of products to fittings and checkups.

Being serviced by Edmond has truly been a blessing!”

Kathy G., Toronto

We Owe Them Our Gratitude For Their Support.

“Both my wife and I have been going to Hearing Aid Source for a long time. We always feel the service is beyond ‎what they do. They go the extra mile to make sure we are hearing what we feel is needed for us. We would tell our friends to go there for the family care as they listen and support us. Both Kristin and Edmond are those people that make a difference. We owe them our gratitude for their support.”

Spencer T., Toronto

Thank You Edmond. You Have Put Enjoyment Back Into My Social Life!

“I purchased a pair of hearing aids from a well-known source. Unfortunately, I found that background noises were amplified to the point that it was harder than ever to hear a conversation. I was tired of asking people to repeat themselves and I know my family was tired of having to repeat everything. My hearing aids ended up in a drawer. I went to Edmond’s office and he spent more than an hour explaining to me why I was having issues with my current hearing aids. After putting new closed-end tips on them, I noticed an improvement immediately. He didn’t stop there. He made some adjustments to the hearing aids which have made all the difference. We went into the outer office and even out into the busy Toronto streets and I was still able to hear him when he spoke in a normal tone to me. I would recommend Hearing Aid Source to anyone who is having issues with hearing or their hearing aids. Thank you Edmond. You have put enjoyment back into my social life!”

Beth C., Brampton