How to Pick a Hearing Aid

Are you curious about which hearing aid you should buy? Take this short quiz before buying new hearing aids. It could save you thousands of dollars.

It is no surprise, most people find the information about hearing aids overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there.

Picking a hearing aid might seem overwhelming at first

Throughout my 15 years working with people who use hearing aids, many new clients confess to me that they feel everyone is trying to sell them high-value hearing aids because they don’t know the difference between the models out there and they don’t understand why they are priced differently.

At the end of the first session, they leave knowing exactly what model is suitable to their situation and the price range they should be looking for to pick.

And most of cases, they find out that they don’t need to purchase for the most expensive ones to get the best results.

So what did they learn in our session so that they get clear on what they need?

Understanding the patient is a key factor

hearing quiz

It all comes down to knowing several things about each client. During these sessions, we ask a lot of questions to get to know them, which helps us understand their needs.

And based on their answers, they find out which models are suitable for the to pick.

And I thought… What if I share those same questions with everyone who is looking for new hearing aids?

So, I created a simple quiz that will help identify your lifestyle and will show you the technology and price range you should consider before picking new hearing aids.

Taking the Quiz

This quiz will clear up the confusing information that is available out there… and could SAVE you spending thousands of dollars on hearing aids which might be too much or too little for you.

And it will take you less than a minute to complete.

Ready to learn which hearing aids might be suitable for you? Just click here.