In-Ear Monitors – What are they?

In-ear monitors work just like earphones you use with your I-pod, but the wearer can select sound from the stage, the band, stage cues, or other specifically isolated sound sources.
On stage, it is very difficult to hear what is coming out of the main speakers that project sound to the audience. This is because the musicians are typically behind them. As well, the stage volume is usually very loud.

Singers, performers, and even stage crew need to be able to hear specific feeds of sound in order to sing, play or move appropriately on the stage.

Stage speakers (more commonly known as ‘floor wedges’) have a tendency to make a screeching sound. This is because the microphone and floor wedge have been placed in too close proximity with each other. The sound from the floor wedge is amplified repeatedly through the microphone and has what is known as an ‘infinite loop’ or ‘feedback’. When in-ear monitors are used properly, feedback usually does not happen.

In-ear monitors are used with a belt pack which is usually wireless. This prevents people from tripping over cords, and affords ultimate mobility for performers to move around or even body surf.

In-Ear Monitors can be fully customized with colors, images and can even be gold plated for the ultimate in ear bling!

If you have any questions regarding In-Ear Monitors, or for getting impressions done to get yourself a set of custom monitors, contact us.

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