Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries

The Hearing Aid Source currently stocks alkaline rather than mercury free batteries and offers a battery recycling program in our offices. However, with the environmental concerns regarding mercury, manufacturers are moving towards the production of mercury free batteries only.

Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries

What You Need To Know

The Hearing Aid Source conducted a months-long trial of mercury-free batteries in the office, only to receive regular client complaints regarding shorter battery life. After some investigation, we learned the following…

  • All batteries will perform better and, in some cases, will not perform well at all, if you don’t give them a chance to come up to full power after removing the sticker, before using them in your hearing aid.  After removing the battery sticker, manufacturers advise to wait up to five minutes (a minimum of one minute is required) before inserting the battery into your hearing aid and closing the battery door.  The cell needs to be exposed to the air to come up to it’s full power.
  • Mercury free batteries, it turns out, cause some (but not all) hearing aids to signal false “low battery” warnings. This can be addressed by coming into the office and requesting that we disable the “low battery” warning in your hearing aid if you experience false signals and they are causing a persistent problem.

With the environment in mind, our days of carrying alkaline batteries at the Hearing Aid Source are growing short. However, when the time comes that alkaline batteries are no longer available, we will be offering mercury free to our customers and want to ensure you are well prepared to adapt to them. In the meantime, please ensure you take advantage of our battery recycling program.