Smallest ever lithium-ion rechargeable Widex hearing aids:

Starting their journey from the 1940s in Denmark, Widex managed to become one of the world’s top players in the industry of hearing aids, due to hard work, commitment to helping people with hearing disabilities, and great use of technological advancements and artificial intelligence. You can check out Widex hearing aids products below.

Widex hearing aids in Toronto Canada offer a wide range of outstanding products that make a real and quick audible difference to users in a few moments after the fitting. Widex is also committed to providing the most natural sound possible for a comfortable experience while using hearing aids.

With Widex’s new Moment model hearing aid, all of the remarkable benefits are available in all styles and are now available in the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids in Canada. This enables the users to never worry about battery replacement issues of their hearing aids.

Machine-learning invoked hearing aid in Canada:

It is important to remember that hearing aid design does not just happen in a clinical examination, or in a lab. One of the primary challenges of hearing well in all situations is that every environment happens at the speed of real life, right now and right here. This aspect is also one of the greatest challenges for hearing aid clinicians and this also shapes the way hearing aids are designed, manufactured, and used. Hearing aids should react instantaneously and be seamless.

Fortunately, thanks to Widex’s new products now it is possible to learn and develop hearing aids based on the input and preferences of users and even share those preferences with the users in Canada and around the world.

Widex hearing aid products are now available in Toronto Canada with all the latest features with the introduction of the new Widex Moment. The new Moment product line makes it possible for the users to adjust and choose their preferred sound through the use of Widex Moment mobile app.

Widex uses technology, artificial intelligence, and user inputs from the mobile app in an efficient and smart way to help all current users as well as future users, get the best possible hearing experience, all with high quality, real-time experience, at an affordable price.

Best Compatibility With Apple iPhone:

While the benefits of the Widex Moment hearing aids are pretty fantastic all on its own, another significant advantage presents itself when the hearing aids are connected to the Apple iPhone. By means of the Moment app, the user is able to manipulate the tone of the sound, increase or decrease background noises, and even create unique and personalized environmental programs. The app allows the user to adjust things from mild to wild.

DEX Accessories make connections and communication easy

Connecting the Widex Moment hearing aids to DEX communication accessories the world will sound as wonderful as it never did before. This will enable you to have better landline phone conversations, more enjoyment of your tv shows, and music is sent directly into your hearing aids, without any cords.

Remote Programming Services

Can’t make it to our office, we can provide remote programming services across Toronto Canada for your hearing aids via your smartphone. Just one more way the Widex products make your life easier.

Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Toronto Canada

Hearing Aid Source is a highly-reviewed (Google) Toronto-based hearing clinic with two convenient locations in Canada. We provide a wide range of hearing aid products from Widex as well as another 6 well-known, high-quality hearing aid Manufacturers. Our team of highly-skilled clinicians and our helpful office staff are always ready to help you hear your best for years to come.

Widex COM-DEX Solution

Widex COM-DEX Solution

The COM-DEX solution streams sound to user’s hearing aids from the smartphone, and the user can hear the conversation partner clearly in noisy environments

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Every ear is different, but that doesn’t mean that every single one shouldn’t enjoy the superior WIDEX UNIQUE sound. The new, redesigned WIDEX CUSTOM offers many new benefits for the user.

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Black Widex Evoke Hearing Aid

Widex Evoke Hearing Aids in Canada

Available Styles: Custom in the ear, Reciever in canal, Behind the ear
Features: Made for iPhone, Feature-Rich App, Best-In-Class Sound Quality, All Form Factors from In-The-Ear, RIC & BTE

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WIDEX EVOKE™ Hearing Aid

The world’s first Hearing Aid powered by Real-Time machine learning. More cutting-edge technology. More opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

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WIDEX EVOKE™ RIC 10 Hearing Aid

WIDEX EVOKE™ RIC 10 Hearing Aid

WIDEX EVOKE™ RIC 10 is a beautiful hearing aid that strikes an elegant balance between subtlety and exclusivity. It comes with a robust construction and it’s the preferred choice for sound quality

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Widex Moment with PureSound

The Widex Moment PureSound hearing aids are quite possibly one of the most exciting things in the world of hearing aids at this time.  Saying something is exciting about hearing aids is not always an easy thing.  What makes this hearing aid system exciting is that we are getting as close to the purest digital […]

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