Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids
Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn S

Available Styles: BTE, RITE

The long-awaited release of the new and improved Oticon Opn S hearing aids has arrived.
Currently available in 4 styles and 3 models all of which are behind the ear types currently with custom in-the-ear models to be launched likely in the latter half of 2019 or later.   The latest style available from Oticon is the rechargeable one.
One of the most exciting rechargeable hearing aid models on the market, it allows the clinician to replace the Lithium Ion battery cell in the clinic so that your hearing aids don’t have to get sent to the factory for battery replacement. We LOVE this feature.  Based on the average hearing aid user, we expect batteries to last 3-5 years before there is a notable decrease in the runtime of the batteries.  The replacement cost of the Lithium Ion battery is expected to be in the range of $100 – $150 for the pair.

As part of the improvements, the Oticon Opn S platform improves on speech comprehension which is at the core of the updated product line.  Oticon claims that the Opn 1 S provides an additional 15% improvement in speech comprehension and 10% improvement in listening ease when compared to the previous Oticon Opn 1 model.  Also, a key feature which previous generations of Oticon products needed improvement was their Dynamic Feedback Reduction system.  The new Oticon Opn S models now have a breakthrough system which prevents feedback from occurring using their ultra-fast processing, which allows for more open vented hearing aids.

Our trials with the hearing aids in all situations like conversations in noise, walking around in a shopping mall and listening to music in the car while driving.  We feel the new Oticon Opn S platform is a worthwhile upgrade for those considering an upgrade and improvement of their hearing aids.

We have demonstration models for people to try before they buy.  Should you be interested, feel free to contact us for an appointment.


For more information about the Oticon Opn S or any other hearing aids we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. Call to book a FREE, comprehensive hearing test

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