Signia NX

Available Styles: BTE, RIC, CIC

The latest offering from Signia is the NX platform. With the first-of-its-kind feature Signia’s Own Voice Processing or OVP,  the NX platform allows clients to have a more natural experience with respect to hearing their own voices.

The Signia NX platform offers a complete style portfolio ranging from two power levels of BTE’s called Motion, three sizes of RIC called Pure, a designer RIC called Styletto, custom wireless ITE/ITC models called Insio, a non-custom CIC called the Silk, they even have a rechargeable model with inductive charging called Charge & Go.

The Signia NX platform now offers full 2.4 GHz MFi connectivity on their BTE’s RIC’s and their custom models (10A battery models excluded) which allows direct streaming to iPhones as well as the Streamline TV and Streamline Mic accessories.

Our experience with the Signia NX Pure 7 model was excellent when we calibrated the OVP to our own voices and our experience was excellent when listening to speech in noise.  The rapid response of the hearing aid circuitry which identified speech and trained the microphones towards the speaker, allowing us to hear speech clearly even in very difficult listening situations.   We would certainly encourage a trial with the Signia NX model hearing aids.  We have a number of demonstrator units available to try.

For more information about the Signia NX or any other hearing aids we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. Call to book a FREE, comprehensive hearing test

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