Widex Evoke F2 and iPhone

Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

Available Styles: Custom in the ear, Reciever in canal, Behind the ear
Features:  Made for iPhone, Feature-Rich App, Best-In-Class Sound Quality, All Form Factors from In-The-Ear, RIC & BTE
Starting at $1200* each for the 110 model, up to $3300* each for the 440 model (* denotes eligability for ADP funding).   

Widex has done it again with their newest model the Widex Evoke hearing aids. This new hearing aid incorporates the benefits of machine learning and constant monitoring of the environment to create the most comfortable and positive listening experience.


Smart Today, Smarter Tomorrow
The Widex Evoke offers similar benefits to previous models like the Widex Beyond and Widex Unique, but go the next step with their latest circuitry with new adaptive systems. These systems analyze your sound environment and prioritize the most important sound sources. With twice as much training compared to its predecessors, EVOKE maps out the environment more accurately than ever to select the correct sound class. However, the biggest change comes with the new SoundSense Technology. This feature allows Evoke to learn as you use it to continue to improve the sound quality to your personal preferences.

Even Better Sound Quality
Widex Evoke offers an even better sound quality than any of Widex’s previous hearing aids. They have added two new environments to the analyzer. Now Evoke can distinguish between classical and contemporary Music, offering better listener enjoyment. Also added is a social setting, which helps to bridge the gap between the listeners office environment and noisy groups and party settings.

Personalized Sound With A Few Clicks of the App
Widex Evoke’s new SoundSense Learn feature provides a quick and easy side by side comparison to help you choose what sounds better to YOU in any given environment. Evoke continues to monitor the changes you make to create better starting settings. Or you can save the settings you made so that you can come right back them the next time you are in that situation with the click of a button. It has never been easier or more convenient to personalize your sound on the spot.
As with all Widex hearing aids, the Evoke comes in four technology levels 440, 330, 220, 110 in order from most advanced to least. The Evoke models are available in the full suite of styles from RIC, BTE and custom models.

Hearing Aid Source Review
Based on our clinic trials, we have verified that the Evoke Fusion2 440 model (RIC) produced an excellent sound quality for speech as well as for recorded music (loud and soft). While outdoors, the Widex Evoke Fusion2 440 was outstanding for hearing speech while in a windy situation. With the app, we were able to make several changes to the settings base on our environment and save them as new programs if needed. Overall we feel that the Widex Evoke product line is a high-quality and feature packed device which deserves a look and a demonstration.
We highly recommend the Widex Evoke hearing aids and recommend trying out a set of the Widex Evoke hearing aids.  Contact us today to book an appointment.

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