Who we are

Hearing Aid Source is a family oriented, locally established hearing aid clinic operating from two locations in the Toronto area. From the very first day of its establishment, our mission was to provide one of a kind customer service to every single one of our customers and make them more confident and comfortable in all of their daily activities, free from the worries over hearing problems. Our clinics have a clean modern look and our team is always focused on customer service. We don’t want you to feel like you are attending another doctor’s appointment or just a regular hearing aid clinic. We enjoy having our conversations over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, just like a social visit, and we like to get to know more about you and your hearing problems to understand how it affects your day to day activities.

Best hearing aids clinic in Toronto

We believe that every person has unique communication needs and feels their hearing capacity in their own personal way. We also believe that good hearing is the foundation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with family, friends, and occupational endeavors. Based on our clinical experiences, we have seen many people who have hearing aids who are not getting value from their devices. Some of the most common reasons are proper maintenance, yearly adjustments, and poor initial setup of their devices. Most times, we can quickly identify what the problem is and solve most of these issues and have you hearing properly again with just one visit. This is one of our most favorite activities. We love seeing people smile with delight.

Specializing in Remote hearing aid programming

When it comes to Hearing Aids, we are proud to provide outstanding services of remote hearing aid programming. This means our customers can attend an appointment without leaving their houses. With the help of remote programming technology and smartphones, we can easily make adjustments to your hearing instruments with remote access. This practice comes with many more benefits. This is great news for all of our clients who live far from our office and those who are not able to visit us in person. Remote hearing aid programming is available with modern hearing aids and is fast, easy, and remarkable. We ensure fewer hearing aid clinic visits with more productive, efficient, and beneficial adjustments to your hearing aid. All to make your life more comfortable.

We send supplies through our Mobile Service

We understand that these are difficult times and getting out into public might be stressful. So, we have decided to bring our customer service to your door. From hearing aid batteries, wax guards to replacement domes, we are now able to send you replacement supplies by mail or courier. We are dedicated to making our clinic services accessible for everyone, so our products and services can now be provided to clients right in their place of residence.

Make an appointment

If you want to benefit from our outstanding services and customer care, make sure to make an appointment today and get back to living your best life free from worries over hearing disabilities.


Everything you need for your ears to hear

From complimentary advanced hearing tests to hearing aid repairs and from ear wax removal to custom hearing protection, we’re here to take care of all your hearing needs and questions.

Custom Fitting

We create your custom fit earpiece

We perform a thorough sound check process and adjustments to your specifications

We teach and guide you how to use, maintain and store your hearing aids

We will check the fit of your hearing aids and ensure a snug fit, ease of insertion, and that you are not experiencing uncomfortable pressure or pain. Custom fitting ensures that each hearing aid is placed appropriately to garner optimal hearing enhancement specifications for your needs. We will also teach you to turn the hearing aids on and off, put them in and take them out safely and correctly. You will also be taught how to clean and maintain your hearing aids at home, and shown where to store the hearing aids when not in use and when sleeping at night.

Follow Up

We believe that hearing aids must be regularly maintained and adjusted for optimal performance

We offer three levels of hearing aid service for life of your hearing aids


Our Best Price Service Plan offers a no-frills level of service for people who only need the basics.  Two in-office hearing aid cleanings per year and one free adjustment are included. $50 per hearing aid is the cost of this plan.

Our Best Value Service Plan offers a more rounded package where unlimited in-office hearing aid cleanings, unlimited adjustments and half-price hearing aid batteries are included.  $200 per hearing aid is the cost of this plan.

Our Best Fit Service Plan offers the All-Inclusive package.  All in-office cleanings and adjustments, all consumable parts – batteries, wax guards, are included.  $300 per hearing aid is the cost of this plan.

Ear Wax Removal



Usually completed in 30 minutes or less

Ear wax is a natural part of healthy ears. However, some people will experience build up and, often due to the use of cotton swabs, may have impacted ear wax against their ear drum. If you have confirmed with your family doctor that you require ear wax removal, let one of our specialists remove your ear wax safely, comfortably and effectively. We may also recommend preventative measures you can take at home, to avoid requiring regular ear wax removal.