Sleeping with Earplugs

Do you need a good nights rest but find there are noises in your environment which causes disruptions?  Sleeping with earplugs may be needed, but which earplugs are the best for you?  There are two solutions as a general rule for a sleep plug. Disposable plugs that can be found at most pharmacies and custom made earplugs that you can get made for you at any hearing clinic. The golden rule for any earplug is a good seal in the ear canal. This usually requires the plug to be inserted fairly deep into the ear canal to provide the best possible noise reduction.

sleeping with earplugs

Earplugs will not provide 100% noise reduction. As an average, they will provide anywhere from 10% to 50% reduction depending on the loudness of the ambient noise that you are trying to reduce.

We usually recommend that people find a disposable product for their needs as they usually provide very good noise reduction and comfort, plus, they are fairly inexpensive. However, there is not a single earplug that fits everyone. Try a selection of earplugs to see which works the best for you. Our recommendation is to use an earplug made from closed cell foam that is soft. Closed cell foam is visually smooth.

As simple as you may think putting in an earplug may be, most people do not properly insert them into their ears. This may be due to improper technique or even small ear canals. The result of this is that they still can hear most of what goes on around them and some people find that the earplug falls out of the ear with movement. The proper technique can be taught by a Hearing Practitioner.

Custom earplugs for sleeping are far more costly, but for difficult-to-fit ears, this may be the only solution. The custom earplugs should be made from a soft silicone in order to provide the best fit and comfort even with movement. 

In either case, a proper fit is essential for the best results.

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