“In-The-Ear” Sound Measurements

Hearing Aid Source always performs “in-the-ear” sound measurements.  They are critical to a successful hearing aid fitting.
Purchasing a hearing aid without having them adjusted while in your ears is like purchasing a violin without first playing it.  It’s just too risky.  Sounds generated by a hearing aid change significantly when they enter the unique ear canal of each client.  Hearing aids must be adjusted to compensate for those changes.  The ear canal is an important part of the “hearing instrument”.


"In-The-Ear" Sound Measurements

Studies overwhelmingly prove that adjustments made to hearing aids based on in-the-ear measurements result in dramatically improved fitting and customer satisfaction.  However, for whatever reason, most hearing clinics do not perform these testsRead more about what we do better…

When you invest in hearing aids, you’re also investing in a long-term relationship with a hearing aid clinic.  When you invest in their products and services, you deserve the best standard of care available.  We take the time to get it right!

At Hearing Aid Source we are your hearing aid experts.  we constantly research and evaluate the latest tools and techniques to ensure you’re offered the best solutions possible.

Just one more reason to trust Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing care needs.  Click here for many more…

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