The All Important “Why?”

Why do we do what we do?”  This question, inspired by Simon Sinek in his YouTube video entitled “Start With Why” (seen below), challenges us all at Hearing Aid Source, both collectively and individually, to take a step past what we do, and even how we do things, to really understand the driving force behind our actions – Our purpose for being.  Our all-important why.

“What” Hearing Clinics Do?

By now, you’re probably all aware of what a hearing clinic and their employees do.  They test your hearing, answer your hearing-related questions, check your ears, sell hearing aids, and provide ongoing service, among other things.  All these actions are critically important to a successful hearing clinic, and Hearing Aid Source does them all.  But, what we do doesn’t tell the whole story…

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“How” Hearing Clinics Operate?

Then there’s the howHow we do things is different that what we do.  At Hearing Aid Source, we strive to do things better.  How?  With quality testing, expert fitting, thorough follow-up, putting forth the extra effort and taking the extra time to make our clients as satisfied as possible.  The results of these efforts speak for themselvesDoing things better may be the primary reason we continue to thrive in such a hyper-competitive marketplace. But this, too, does not paint the whole picture…

A recent post entitled “Looking for the Best Hearing Clinic?” explains how we do things better and why that matters to you.  Read the article here…

The All Important “Why?”

The value of knowing what is at the root of our motivation, why we do what we do, and being able to communicate this effectively to others can’t be understated.  So what is our why?

At Hearing Aid Source we realize that our why can be described with the following statement…Capture

We believe this statement accurately captures the why that motivates us all to be aware of and grateful for the hearing we have, and eager to support the hearing health of others of all ages and degrees of hearing loss – whether through education, prevention, hearing aids, community outreach, or by any other means.  The funny thing is, down deep inside, we’ve known this all along.  But it feels good to finally name it and state it.

We’ve always loved to see our clients’ eyes light up with joy when they experience hearing in a way they’d almost forgotten they could.  Our staff, from receptionists to specialists, regularly express how fortunate they feel to be able to make such a difference in the lives of others.  This is why Hearing Aid Source really is an awesome place to work and to visit.

From my own personal perspective, I remember the day I decided to pursue become a Hearing Instrument Specialist.  I was watching videos of young children and teenagers who had been given cochlear implants.  Videos like this one.  Having two young children of my own, I could only imagine the joy that these devices offered these kids and their families.  From that day on I knew my why, and now am lucky enough to live it daily, through clients and clinical staff alike.


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is not just about hearing aids, although hearing aids is what we do.  Hearing Aid Source is not just about being better.  Being better speaks to how we do things.  “But, why?”  That is the all important question.

*** Stay tuned in the near future for an exciting announcement directly related to our why! ***

Update:  We’re proud to announce our partnership with SickKids Foundation and their Cochlear Implant Program – helping children “Celebrate the Joy of Hearing” for the first time.

Just another reason to choose Hearing Aid Source for all your hearing needs.  Do you know someone with hearing loss who could use a bit more joy?  Call us at (416)463-4327 or contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.


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