Hearing Loss Due to Work? Let WSIB's Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Program Help You

Get the compensation you deserve with WSIB's noise-induced hearing loss program for work-related hearing loss.

You may be able to claim compensation through the noise-induced hearing loss program if you have suffered hearing loss as a result of your occupation.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is an organization that offers benefits to employees who have been injured, become ill or died as a result of exposure to loud noise in their workplace. If your hearing has been damaged due to your work, you may qualify for compensation from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s noise-induced hearing loss program.

The injury should be a result of excessive noise in the workplace, with no other contributing factors. According to the WSIB, noise-induced hearing loss is hearing loss that occurs after exposure to loud noise for a prolonged period, such as months or years.

Are you currently on the WSIB NIHL program and dissatisfied with your current hearing aids or provider? Or, are you on WSIB for another reason, but are unsure of possible coverage for your hearing loss? Or, are you not currently on WSIB, but have a hearing injury as a result of your occupation?

We can assist those over the age of 18 years with application and onboarding. We offer hearing assessment and recommend suitable hearing aids that meet your specific requirements at ZERO cost to you. All future services related to hearing aids are also covered under the WSIB NIHL program of care.

If you qualify for our program and your hearing injury is permanent, you may be entitled to further compensation.

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